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Nicholas Ahlmark

director . producer . writer

Nicholas is a UK based film maker specializing in long form documentaries set in the Asia Pacific region, but also works in Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.​


His films broadcast globally on TV networks such as Al Jazeera English, CNBC, Vice and Channel News Asia amongst others, featuring subjects ranging from plastic surgery in South Korea to eating roadkill in England. He also tells less gruesome stories for brands such as Samsung, Booking.com and HSBC. 


Currently Nicholas is developing long form feature documentaries and narrative works for international broadcasters and distributors.

  • LONELY DEATHS (Channel News Asia) Silver Medal, New York Festivals 'Best Social Issues' category 2018

  • RACING IN COCAINE VALLEY (Al Jazeera) Silver Medal New York Festivals 'Best Sports' category 2018

  • GREENING THE CITY (Al Jazeera) finalist for 'Best Environmental Documentary' Asian TV Awards 2015

  • SISA: COCAINE OF THE POOR (Vice) Winner 'People's Voice Webby for the News & Politics: Individual Episode' category 2014

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On location in Saudi directing 'The Camels of Arabia' for Vice US, 2018


Directing on location in Saudi Arabia for The Camels of Arabia VICE 2018. Photo credit: Jerry Ricciotti 

Directing on location in Saudi for 'The Camels of Arabia' Vice US, 2018. Photo credit: Jerry Ricciotti